Out & About in the Community Blog

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By Terri Walker, Life Enrichment Supervisor Here at Byron Health Center, we offer a wide range of activities for our residents to participate in. These activities can be either on-campus or off-campus. The same way that you like to get out of the house and do some things out in the community, so do our residents. These things could be … Read More

How a Prognosis Can Change Blog

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By Elaine Haag, Cognitive Engagement Specialist Imagine you are 20 years-old, and several doctors just told you that you would never walk again, and that you would live the rest of your life in a skilled nursing facility …  A diagnosis is imperative for medical treatment of our residents, but a diagnosis does not define our residents. A prognosis is … Read More

Another Chili Recipe With Care Blog

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from Byron Health Center Director of Dining Services Chef Brad Hoffman Here’s a twist on traditional chili from Chef Brad. His Creamy White Chili will be a hit for those looking for something just a little bit different, but with plenty of that chili flavor you’ve come to expect. Ingredients: 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2-inch cubes … Read More

Ellowsky Oasis Snoezelen® Sensory Room Blog

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By Executive Director Sarah Starcher-Lane, HFA, ICYB In 2015, we started out on the journey to develop a room here at Byron Health Center that was a place for our residents to get away from day-to-day stimulation and an overwhelming environment. We requested and received a $20,000 grant from the AWS Foundation to make it happen. So, we set out … Read More

Chili Recipe With Care Blog

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from Byron Health Center Director of Dining Services Chef Brad Hoffman Even though the warm, sunny days of summer have arrived in full force, there’s still always a time when you’d really enjoy the comfort of a great bowl of chili. So, whether you want to fire up the crock pot or just turn on the stove top, Chef Brad’s … Read More

Multi-Sensory Room Blog

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By Terri Walker, Life Enrichment Supervisor What is the meaning of “sensory”? It describes something relating to sensation, or something that you feel with your physical senses. The word “sensory” comes from the Latin word sentire, meaning “to perceive or feel.” Sensory Stimulation is the activation of one or more of our senses, such as taste, smell, vision, hearing and … Read More

Baklava Recipe With Care Blog

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from Byron Health Center Medical Clinic Manager Violet Ellowsky, LPN Whenever we need to raise a little extra money for our Jan Faherty Food Pantry, our Employee Emergency Fund, the Alzheimer’s Association or any other cause, we usually turn to a bake sale, because we love to eat! At every Byron Health Center bake sale, the most sought after item … Read More

#AutismAwareness blog

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by Shannon Young, Move-In Coordinator Autism Awareness published April 12th April is Autism Awareness Month. But for me and my family, we live #AutismAwareness every day of our lives. My thirteen-year old son, Corey, was diagnosed with severe infantile Autism at the very young age of nine months old. Our lives have never been the same since that day.   … Read More

Byron’s Got Talent Impact & Wrap-Up blog by Chris Buckland, ADC AS, Executive Director of Life Enrichment


Happy spring everyone! Byron got into the spirit and sprung into action with our 6th annual Byron’s Got Talent Show. It took place on Sunday March 24th at 2:00 pm.  Residents, and team members alike, provided 15 different acts to entertain us with music, laughs and LOTS of dancing! Tina and her posse from Miller’s Place entertained us with an original fun … Read More

LeadingAge National Leadership Summit Wrap-Up blog

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by Sarah Starcher, Administrator and Executive Director Published March 26th Recently, our CEO Deb and I spent four days in our Nation’s capital at the LeadingAge Leadership Summit. As a re-vamp of the LeadingAge PEAK Conference from years past, this new and improved conference design focused on innovative conversations and relationship building between post-acute providers and vendors. Deb attended a … Read More