Byron Health Center


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Byron Health Center is a non-profit, Advanced QAPI certified facility that provides long term health care, memory care and skilled nursing along with physical and occupational therapy; and, at sister community: Miller’s Place, assisted living for adults.

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Both Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place concentrate on serving a protected and vulnerable population who have multiple diagnoses. These diagnoses will vary by individual but usually include psychiatric and developmental disorders coupled with medical conditions, dementia or even physical disabilities. The common psychiatric and developmental disorders include, but are not limited to, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Mental Illness (MI), Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) or Huntington’s Disease (HD). In conjunction with medical conditions, dementia or even physical disabilities, these psychiatric, neurological and developmental disorders can lead to challenging behaviors.

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Due to these challenges involved with serving this protected and vulnerable population, some individuals may not have ‘fit in’ well at other communities. Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place emphasize creating an intentional community of inclusion and acceptance. Boasting a staff of compassionate team members with literally hundreds of years of combined care experience, each resident is looked at for their abilities, not for their disabilities, and is encouraged to thrive ‘where they are’ and helped to reach their optimal potential.  Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place residents are people who, just like many others, face a unique set of challenges but are not judged by their limitations, but only on their abilities. Each team member helps residents live up to their optimal potential and only see residents for what they CAN do, not for what they cannot do. Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place implement a generous staffing strategy to care for residents maintaining one of the highest nursing staff to resident ratio in the area.

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Byron Health Center is the first facility in the area with separate memory care neighborhoods for men and women. Individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, sexual inappropriateness or who might be a wandering risk reside on secured neighborhoods, but are encouraged to participate in as many on-campus or off-campus activities as they can.

Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place specialize in behavior modification and intervention pilot programs including Cognitive Re-direction Strategies, Horticulture Therapy, Music Therapy and Art Therapy.

Byron Health Center and Miller’s Place continuously work to fundamentally change long term health care through an organization-wide emphasis on creating and maintaining a culture of serving and leadership with care and inclusion.

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