High School LAUNCH Program- Frequently Asked Questions

Want to work in healthcare but not sure where? Try LAUNCH and dip your toe in today!

LAUNCH stands for Learn, Aspire, Understand, Navigate, Coordinate and Heart; all the things someone needs in order to be successful in the long-term-care field. We started LAUNCH in 2021 with the hope of introducing younger people all the different aspects of healthcare and how their unique skills can be used, no matter their passion, to make a difference.
Students will spend 8 weeks going through each department: Nursing, Plant Operations, Dining Services, Administration, Life Enrichment, Resident Engagement. They will shadow team members in that department for 1-2 weeks and at the end of 8 weeks, the student will determine which Track is best suited for them as far as their future goals. The remaining 10 weeks of the program are spent doing project-based learning in the specific Track.
The short answer, yes. The longer answer is not only is the student paid but the experience is invaluable. The students are paid $12.00/hour and if they end up taking a position in a department, the wage range for that position is applicable.
We work closely with area high schools to bring in the best and brightest who have a drive for self-directed work. With that in mind, we encourage sophomores-seniors to participate in the program. For those under 18, there may be some aspects of the job that are restricted due to regulatory and insurance purposes.
The total program is 18 weeks, perfect for a semester of high school! Students can come 2-5 days a week for about 3-5 hours per day. Specifics for each student's schedule are worked out prior to starting.
We expect students to adhere to the Byron Culture and ensure they are at work on time and ready to participate in the work of the day. Students are expected to communicate to staff and residents and conduct one-on-one interviews with residents throughout the LAUNCH program. Being pro-active, taking ownership and being self-directed are expected qualities of a LAUNCHer.
No, the program is done completely on-site.
Staff who join the Nursing track will go through our CNA program on site. Projects in the Administration track may include audits of employee documents, putting an event together for marketing purposes or creating TikToks for our page. Projects in other areas may include auditing documentation, running test drills and rounding for safety inspections.
Contact Anna Hendrick at 260-637-3166 ext. 229 or [email protected] or fill out an application on our main Careers page.