Memory Care

Individuals with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, may reside on our secured memory care neighborhoods for increased structure and safety.

Other residents who would benefit from a secured neighborhood stay may exhibit sexually-inappropriate behavior, wandering or lack of safety awareness, to name a few. Although these family members reside on a secured neighborhood, they still participate in whole home functions and attend outings in the community accompanied by our highly-trained staff.
Our memory care neighborhoods specialize in behavior modification and intervention pilot programs including Cognitive Re-direction Strategies, Horticulture Therapy, Music Therapy, Aroma Therapy and Art Therapy.

We are the first facility in the area with separate memory care neighborhoods for men and women. Our Mauch Drive neighborhood is home to our ladies with Memory Care needs while our Hart Cove neighborhood is home to our fellows who thrive in a structured and secure environment. Even though we understand that our residents need the extra attention that Memory Care provides to keep them healthy and safe, we like to concentrate more on having fun, learning and experiencing as much as life has to offer. The family-like atmosphere where we enable purpose-filled lives of all is sewn throughout the fabric of our Memory Care neighborhoods as we meet each individual along their journey.

To ensure that our residents with memory issues are given the best possible care, we work to have dedicated team members on the memory care areas on each shift. This is vital to ensuring that changes in a resident’s care needs or cognitive abilities is met. With consistent staff, family members form relationships that are built around trust which helps in making routine, as well as tough, care decisions.

Another important aspect of our memory care neighborhoods are our multi-sensory, or Snoezelen, environment. In this relaxing space, residents can experience an environment that reduces agitation and anxiety, but also engage and delight, stimulate reactions and encourage communication for our residents.

Each of our neighborhood sensory rooms are unique dependent on the residents that reside on that neighborhood. The features of the room can include varied lighting, drawing stations, rocking chairs, massage chairs, large stuffed bean bags, weighted blankets and aromatherapy oils and lotions. The residents are also able to watch waterfalls, a flickering fire or waves crashing. It was also particularly important that our rooms do not feel child-like, as many of these rooms can become when primary colors are used over and over.

Many of our residents utilize the room to reduce stimulation that can cause the agitation. Not any different than the rest of the general population, our residents like to go to a place alone that is quiet and soothing to calm down.


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