Nursing Aide Training Program- Frequently Asked Questions

Byron's Nurse Aide Program is taught on-site with a nursing team that wants to make a difference!

Potential NA Students must meet the Byron Culture Standards as well as adhere to 100% attendance of all classes, clinicals and scheduled shifts throughout the program. A minimum age of 16 is required. We will also complete a background check, physical exam, urine drug screen and a two-step tuberculosis skin test for all who are selected to be in the program. There is also a basic math test that will be completed on-site at Byron prior to starting, usually done during the interview process.
There is no upfront cost of the class and all NA Students are paid $12/hour during class, clinicals and when working a shift after completing the program until they become certified. However, $100 is taken out of each pay up to $1200. When the employee remains employed full-time or part-time at Byron for at least six months, the $1200 is paid back to the employee.
There is no official uniform, however all NA students are expected to wear scrub tops and pants. Also, personal hygiene is expected at all times, including no offensive body and/or breath odors and eating is not allowed in the clinical areas.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sets strict requirements regarding healthcare workers and the spread of disease. Nails should be kept no longer than tips of fingers. Hair should be pulled away from the face and should be kept in a way that does not cause an infection control issue.
Students must complete 40 hours of classroom instruction as well as 75 hours of hands-on clinical time. The clinical time will be scheduled with the instructor and is supervised. Once the 105 hours are completed, the students may work on the floor with another CNA until their examination date.

Students are expected to display behavior that ensures students, residents, staff and faculty are safe in all situations. Unsafe practice is defined as:

  • Not adequately preparing for patient or resident care
  • Attending labs or clinical under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Behaving in a way that jeopardizes the personal safety of anyone
  • Refusal to follow common resident care, oral or written orders including care plans given as part of routine care
  • Talking in such a way that is unethical or abusive such as but not limited to: revealing confidential information inappropriately, being rude or using offensive language, or demonstrating abusive behavior
  • Taking indecent liberties that could be construed as sexual harassment toward residents, staff, instructors, or classmates
  • Disregard for safety rules such as smoking or handling materials or equipment in a way that can injure another
  • Disregarding Byron Health Center safety rules, or other policies or procedures
  • Inappropriate attire
  • Repeating errors
  • Lying about or falsification of clinical data
  • Acts of omission
  • Failing to follow the direction of the clinical instructor

The above mentioned situations will results in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the program.

100% Attendance means just that. The student will auto-terminate if they miss a class, are tardy more than 5 minutes or habitually a few minutes late, or call in for a shift during the time when clinicals are finished and testing. This is a zero tolerance policy.
Yes, there is homework and it MUST be completed prior to the next class. Failure to complete homework when due will result in auto-termination.
Byron has high standards for every staff member and with NA students, there is added standard to ensure they will meet that high standard from the start. We expect the best and will not settle for anything else.
Contact Anna Hendrick at 260-637-3166 ext. 229 or [email protected] or fill out an application on our main Careers page.