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By Terri Walker, Life Enrichment Supervisor

What is the meaning of “sensory”?

It describes something relating to sensation, or something that you feel with your physical senses.

The word “sensory” comes from the Latin word sentire, meaning “to perceive or feel.”

Sensory Stimulation is the activation of one or more of our senses, such as taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch.  Sensory stimulation enables us to engage with our environment and communicate in multiple and complex ways.

Our multi-sensory room at Byron Health Center, created with the financial assistance of a grant from the AWS Foundation, provides a unique variety of equipment and activities to help stimulate the senses of our residents.

One of the greatest benefits created by use of our multi-sensory room includes de-escalation during a crisis situation by offering a calming environment which, in turn, allows increased resident and caregiver communication.

One of the key benefits of this therapy is its ability to reduce an individual’s fears while enhancing their trust in the people caring for them.  This leads to improved moments, mood and self-esteem.

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