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New Blogs in the New Year!

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Respite Stay blog from our Move-In Coordinator, Shannon Young

Published January 17th

Hello and Happy New Year!

Those of you who care for loved ones with physical, mental or special needs are often the caregivers that overlook your own personal health and wellness. Now that the Holidays are over, it is a perfect time to allow yourself a much-needed break or “Respite”.  Respite is described as a short period of ‘rest or release’ from something difficult. Being a primary caregiver to a loved one, while trying to keep them in their home environment, can add a great deal of pressure to your life, often leading to depression and/or isolation. Maintaining your own personal and social life is extremely important and can reduce the amount of stress that you, as a caregiver, may be feeling.

Being a family caregiver is a rewarding, yet demanding role. You have all heard the old saying, “to provide the best care, we must first take care of ourselves”. With that being said, as a caregiver, you should never feel guilty for needing a break from your duties. Whether it be a weekend away to relax and unwind or a month to take care of the many personal tasks that you often put off while caring for your loved one. Caregivers often return from a break with a renewed energy and outlook. A Respite Stay can be beneficial to your loved one as well. When they are getting the care they need, while giving you a break, the result can be a more enjoyable time together. A Respite Stay can also allow your loved one to adjust to someone else caring for them.

Here at Byron Health Center, we offer Respite Stays to assist you and your loved one when a break is needed. We provide skilled nursing care, meals, activities, programming and the daily assistance your loved one may need. If your loved one is living with one of the many forms of dementia and needs to stay in a memory-care neighborhood, we offer both male and female secured neighborhoods to keep them safe. We also offer a full range of engaging activities throughout the day that will allow your loved one to have fun while being socially active.

Additionally, what many do not realize is that some insurances cover respite services. Give me a call at 260-637-3166 ext. 225 to discuss the many options that Byron has to offer.


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