#whyIHEARTBYRON Kickoff blog

John Drebenstedtblog

from our Administrator and Executive Director, Sarah Starcher

Published January 28th

As we start to gear up for the most romantic month of the year, I would like to introduce our theme for February: #whyIHEARTByron. I often tell people that I “heart” Byron, like an ode to the infamous ‘I “heart” New York’ t-shirts. I heart Byron with my whole heart and I am so excited to share some of our incredible stories with you!

We will be featuring four different stories in the month of February, centered around different staff members and their unique experiences here at Byron and how their love of Byron has made an impact on their life. Some of them have been here many years and some of them are newer; either way their love of Byron runs deep.

We will also debut a video showcasing our different families that work together, as we have many different sets of family members that call Byron their home away from home. It always is a fascinating thing when someone works with their mother, sister or husband on a daily basis but it warms my heart that this happens so frequently here at Byron. Honestly, my forever Valentine and husband, Shaaun, has asked me if I thought we could ever work together and I just can’t imagine it; mostly because I am pretty Right brain and he is totally Left. It works with parenting but might not end so well at work J

In a month where there are red hearts all around and yummy chocolate fills the air, I hope that by sharing our stories, readers start to understand truly what makes Byron so special and why we all “heart” it so much!